The Media List puts South Africa’s top editorial and social media contacts at your fingertips.

    Find and reach journalists and influencers, create smarter media contact lists, and distribute all of your content.

    The Media List - South Africa’s most trusted Media Contacts Database.

The Media List

The Media List is South Africa’s leading media organisation and editorial contacts directory – an affordable, up- to-date, detailed, accurate and reliable online database.

It is the preferred editorial personnel database and electronic media release distribution system for communications professionals throughout Southern Africa.

Listings include everything from X, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels to target audience LSM figures, circulation details and email addresses.

There’s also a real-time X Influencer Index which shows you who has the most leverage on the popular social media platform.

The Media List is designed to work the way that you do – it’s fully customisable so media and editorial personnel contacts can be arranged in any grouping you require. Groups can be campaign-, region-, client-, or date-specific – or organised in any configuration or combination you need. Data is dynamic so any changes are updated automatically.

This customised group data can be easily used together with The Media List’s powerful Media Release Distribution System to send content to media outlets quickly.


3000+ Individual Contacts

More than 3 000 individual editorial contacts - editors, journalists, bloggers and influencers.

1700+ News & Media Agencies

Direct contact with over 1 700 news and media organisations.  

X Influencer Index

X rankings and contact with more than 2 000 journalists, influencers and news outlets.

Social Media Details

X, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube links included.

Custom Contacts

Easily build your own targeted Media Lists.

Distribute Media Releases

Instantly distribute personalized releases including attachments, videos, photos and links to online content.


Prices include 15% VAT

  • Media List PDF

  • R7 950

    /per annum
  • or
  • R1 987

    /per quarter

* Terms and conditions apply

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